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The candles in this section symbolize our chakras.

Either as a single candle with the colours of the rainbow symbolizing the six energy centers of the body or as small individual lotus flowers that according to its colour represent a specific chakra.

The lotus flower symbolizes in many contexts the human connection to the earth and the divine. The flower is also used as a symbol of the seven chakras referring to our energy source as living creatures.

The chakras have different colours because each chakra (energy wheel) is spinning at a certain frequency. The frequency determines the colour.

The 6 chakras are placed somewhere between the tailbone and the top of the head. The lowest chakra, the root chakra, is deep red, the sacral, orange, the solar plexus, yellow, the heart, green, the throat, indigo and the brow, purple.

The colour of the 7th chakra, the crown, is a creation of the 6 chakras energy uniting their colours into white light. 

Chakra candles