Dear visitors, we inform you that we accept orders only within Greece and Europe. European countries that are not EEC members have to expect an extra custom fee receiving the order. Thank you for your understanding.
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Payment methods

For your best service, our company has a choice of payment methods for the products you are interested in buying, which, as analyzed and below, is related, among other things, to the processing time of your order request and / or the time of sending product to you.

Once you have decided which payment process suits you, select the corresponding payment method at the appropriate point of your order request form and enter your necessary details if needed.

The collection and processing of the payment details that you send us fall under the strict policy of protection of your personal data that our company adheres to and are collected and processed with complete security and diligence and only with your consent provided by sending the order request. your.

Especially for credit card payments, all the necessary security measures are taken in cooperation with the collaborating financial institutions, which ensure the maximum possible protection in your electronic transactions and secure your payments.

The payment methods are specifically the following:


The company accepts Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, Discover credit cards and electronic wallet Masterpass.

Once you have chosen the credit card as a method of payment, the process will be carried out and completed through our trusted partner - a banking institution that provides all the guarantees of security of electronic transactions. In particular, your transactions in our online store are protected by top online security systems that guarantee a secure trading environment in many large companies worldwide.

With the confirmation of your order and if we inform you about the availability of the products and the delivery time, you make through our online store the payment of the total amount (price and any agreed costs eg transfer) with your credit or debit card in order to make the corresponding commitment of the product (s) that we will send you.

With the confirmation of your payment, the process of sending the products will begin, as well as the relevant information to you in the following ways.

1) via e-mail and / or mobile phone message

2) by telephone at the phone number you have stated to us during your registration.

We inform you that after the payment of your order either by deposit in a bank account or by debiting your credit or debit card if none of the above ways of contacting you is possible for any reason through your fault and for a period of 15 days from day when the collection of the products of your order is completed, our company does not bear any responsibility and the case of withdrawal will not apply.

b) PayPal

You can pay via Paypal by typing the email


If you have chosen to deposit in a bank account as a payment method, then you will have to pay your order (and any agreed costs eg transfer) in order for us to start the process of processing your order request. 

The payment is made to one of our company accounts that appear below stating your order code as a reason.

1) Alpha Bank 

Beneficiary name:

Bente Keller

Mega Nero

37005 Alonissos



IBAN: GR6401403100310002002041111

2) National Bank of Greece

Beneficiary name:

Bente Keller

Mega Nero

37005 Alonissos, GR

823 / 001117-78

IBAN: GR8901108230000082300111778


3) Danske Bank

Beneficiary name:

Bente Keller

Mega Nero

37005 Alonnisos, GR

Reg: 1551

Bank account no: 3199032283

IBAN: DK6830003199032283