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Watercolour Seminars

Painting holidays on Alonnisos

Learn to paint watercolours on the beautiful island of Alonnisos. The strong light and the vibrant colours in the landscape and sea are very inspiring. The island is rich in vegetation and the green, hilly slopes are interrupted by astonishing, steep cliffs in varied colours schemes - all a big challenge to paint.

The course is held in the charming old village, Palio Horio, situated high up on two hills 200 metres above sea level. The view is impressive and the narrow, steep lanes, traditional village houses, pots with flowers, old Byzantine churches and small squares are all waiting to be drawn and painted.

The daily program 9:30-13:30

  • Every morning starts with a general class which includes many exercises.
  • Then we continue with individual supervision of your own watercolour painting.
  • The daily course finishes with an evaluation of the work of the day.

The teaching

During the class teaching you will be trained in different skills:

  • watercolour techniques
  • to draw
  • to mix the colours and use them in the right way
  • to compose a picture.

These exercises are the fundamentals of the watercolours you subsequently paint on your own.

Examples of exercises in watercolour techniques: Wet-in-wet, soft and dry transitions.

An example of a drawing exercise and how you build up the watercolour painting using your new knowledge about the dynamics of colours and watercolour techniques

You can paint vegetation using different techniques. You will learn wet-in-wet technique and the safer technique where you start with the light tones and then gradually build up the foliage in darker colours and tones.

You try out free-hand drawing; how to measure the angles and the length of the lines in your subject

You can read more about the teaching in my book The Watercolour Dream Learn to draw and paint – with enjoyment

Equipment you will need

  • Three paintbrushes no 2, 8 and 16 in medium quality. Synthetic Marten hair brushes are fine.
  • The primary colours red, yellow and blue and the mixed colours orange, purple and green. In standard boxes with 12 colours you will probably find them all except for the purple. ‘Young artists’ quality is fine for beginners.
  • Watercolour blocks A4 size or 24x32cm (300 gr/m2).
  • Pencil, rubber, sketch block and ruler.

Where will the seminar be held?

The lessons will be held in the picturesque, old village, Palio Horio, and we also visit the coast to paint the light and turquoise green colours of the sea. During the class teaching there will be chairs and tables of your disposal.

About your teacher

I started to teach watercolour painting in in 1996 inco-operation with a Danish Travel Agent. For many years lots of happy students came to Alonnisos and participated in the seminars for one or two weeks.
The co-operation stopped in 2007 and since then I have had English groups and been teaching both adults and children locally. In 2017 and 2018 I taught watercolour painting in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I have a gallery in the old village, Palio Horio and have enjoyed painting around the island since I arrived in 1995. The inspiration is great: The light, the colours, the landscapes and on top of all that, the charming Old Village with it’s special architecture and full of flowers and trees.
Apart from painting I also teach Yoga/Pilates here on Alonissos and for many years I have taught the Greek language to adults in Copenhagen.
You can read more about my background in About in the main menu.

Click on the below link to read about How to reach Alonissos, Accommodation, What to do in your free time, Terms and Conditions and About Alonissos.

Read the full program PDF  

Price for the 5 day watercolour seminar
159 Euros


Send me an e-mail, where you state:

  • full name
  • address
  • mobile or landline
  • e-mail address
  • name of the course and start date

You will receive an e-mail where I confirm your booking and give you my bank and PayPal details.
When you have paid 100€ in deposit you will receive a welcome letter.

The rest of the amount has to be paid 40 days before the start of the course.
Please call or write if you have any questions. 
mobile +30 6984126183