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The Alonnisos Guide in new revised edition 2023

You can discover Alonnisos even before you get here by reading The Alonnisos Guide or Alonnisos on Foot.

Alonnisos on Foot is a hiking book that takes you to many places of interest on the island. It is beautifully illustrated with Bente Keller`s watercolours and hiking maps.

The Alonnisos Guide gives you a comprehensive portrait of the beautiful island to help you make the most of your visit.

Directions to all accessible beaches, villages and interesting locations in the countryside. It also introduces you to a wide variety of local flora and fauna.

The book is illustrated with a general map of the island, Bente Keller`s watercolours, many colour photos and black/white photos from `the old days`.

Both books provide rich information to make the most of a visit to the island.

The authors:

The two Alonnisos Guides were written by Bente Keller in a partnership with Elias Tsoukanas. They are both very concerned and passionate about the island and they combined their knowledge to produce these two amazing guides. Bente has developed a close contact with the island portraying it in her paintings and hiking since 1995 and Elias was born in Alonnisos and has lived there most of his life.

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