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The Watercolour Dream
The Watercolour Dream
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Learn to draw and paint – with enjoyment

Painting and drawing exercises provide you with a freer way to work than if you paint ‘real’ watercolour. You will achieve the benefit of this work when you paint the watercolour at the end of each chapter. Each chapter focuses on a specific subject allowing you to work within given frames. This limitation helps you to cope with the given task and improves your chances to get a satisfactory result.

  • As a beginner you can work your way through the book. You will build up your skills gradually from simple tasks to more complicated ones, and change from teacher-directed tasks to guidance in independent paintings.
  • If you have some experience you can use the book as a reference book, as every chapter is a finished unit. You can dip in and work with whichever subject interests you, or with a subject you feel you have the need to develop.
  • If you are a teacher, you can use the book as inspiration in the planning of your teaching. You can use the many exercises directly or adjust them to your own subjects. At the end of the book the pedagogic theory behind the teaching is elaborated, and you are offered practical guidance on how to plan your teaching.

You will draw and paint:

Trees & flowers – water reflections – towns – sunset – sea & sky

All full of the wonderful Greek light

The author of the book, Bente Keller, is a Danish artist and teacher living on the small, Greek island of Alonnisos. Here she has her own Gallery, where she sells her paintings, books and beeswax candle creations.

People from all over the world have participated in her watercolour seminars held every summer on the island. Bente has also written two guide books about Alonnisos. One hiking-book explores most of the island on foot, and one tourist-guide directs people to villages, beaches, places of interest and also describes the botanical paradise of the island and its recent history. Both books are fully illustrated with her watercolours.

Bente was educated at the University of Copenhagen in Human Physiology and Greek Philology, and in the winter when she is not writing or painting she teaches gymnastics in the local community.