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Alonnisos Calendar
Alonnisos Calendar
180 g

This calendar has like most calendars 12 different pictures, one for each month. The special thing about this one is that it’s the same scenery on each picture but in different weather conditions and light.  The good thing about this calendar is that it’s not made for a single year but can be used for whatever year you want.


How to use this calendar:

You can use this calendar as a ‘Memory Board’ writing in things you want to remember every year.

If you want the dates of the year to be accompanied by the days of the week use a pencil to fill them in according to which day is the first of each month.
If we take 2016 as an example then the first of January is a Friday.

You write Friday as shown below in the first empty space and then you continue with Saturday, Sunday etc. until you have filled in all seven spaces.
The first of February is a Monday and again you fill in with the rest of the days of the week.

Remember that 29 of February exists only every forth year.
You do this for each month of the year.