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YogaPilates outdoor

Welcome to YogaPilates Outdoor

We have stopped for the summer

I will write when we start up again

We do the workout in a shady olive grove overlooking the sea and the village of Votsi. Here we have our own private gym area surrounded by flowers and a fantastic view.

I created the workout by composing many different exercise traditions such as mobility training, stretching, rhythmic dancing, yoga and Pilates.

The workout is also composed so that it stimulates our chakras’ energy centers and creates a good connection between our body and mind.

It is comprised of simple exercises and everybody that has done a little training during life can participate.

How do you find us?

You can reach us along a footpath from Votsi or you can drive down and park in the olive grove. An earth road leads from the main road between Patitiri and Old Village to the olive grove.

May be an image of map

The intensive green line on the map shows the way.

The black dotted line is the footpath that starts at the Kick boxing. 5 min.s walk

From Patitiri:

Take the main road towards the Old Village. Shortly after the "old cinema" you turn right onto a concrete ramp.

Follow the earth road leading from this ramp all the way to my house. You go down 2 hills covered with concrete and then you reach my house where you can park in my olive grove.

From the Old Village:

Take the main road towards Patitiri. You pass the crossroads at Sunset bar and continue another 500 meters towards Patitiri. Here you turn left up a concrete ramp leading onto an earth road that runs parallel to the main road.

Follow this earth road all the way to my house. You go down 2 hills covered with concrete and then you reach my house where you can park in my olive grove.

You can also follow the path up from Kickboxing. Its the dotted line on the map.

More about the YogaPilates workout

I have called the workout YogaPilates because it’s known to people but the real name is BodyMind Empowerment gym. I gave it this name because my aim is to exercise the body and empower the mind.

The exercises are specially chosen to fit with each chakra of the body enhancing and balancing their energy. We start for example with many grounding exercises to balance the root chakra and then we continue with other kind of exercise for each chakra. The existence of these chakras is scientifically proven at the same level as other physiological feedback systems in our body such as hormones.

The relaxation teaches you how to feel the difference between a tense and a relaxed muscle and how you can influence muscle tonus (tension) with your thoughts.

Another purpose of the exercises is to increase the blood circulation, to soften your joints, strengthen and stretch your muscles and to enjoy moving to the rhythm of music.

About your teacher

I have a degree from the University of Copenhagen in Human Physiology (physical training) and gymnastics has played a big role in all my life. As a daughter of a known Danish gymnastic teacher and developer of healthy footwear, I have been inspired in the direction of healthy training from a young age.

When I moved to Alonnisos in 1995 I started out with hiking because I was very impressed by the beauty of the landscape. Later on in 2008 I began to teach Yoga/Pilates/Swedish Gymnastic in the local gym. Over the years I developed my BodyMind Empowerment gym based on studies of the Chakras and how body & mind are connected and influence each other.

Another big passion of mine is painting and I have had my gallery in the Old Village since 1995. I am and have always been very inspired by the landscapes of the island, the light and the simple and beautiful architecture of the Old Village.

My third passion is the Greek language and I have a bachelor degree from the University of Copenhagen in Greek Philology. I have taught Greek at adult education classes in Copenhagen for several years and I now teach locally on Alonnisos and also do online classes.

You can read more about my background in About in the main menu.