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Greek language

Greek Language

Greek lessons for foreigners

I offer Greek lessons for foreigners on Alonnisos face to face or online - all levels.

  • If you are a complete beginner we start with the alphabet and small words. Slowly you will be able to read texts in the text book.
  • If you have some knowledge and are able to read simple texts then we start out with the text book. We will make small, daily life conversation between us in Greek so you will be able to express yourself in Greek from the very beginning.

We use the textbook Ελληνικά Τώρα 1+1

  • If you have a higher level and want conversation classes, we do that based on texts we choose together.

You can contact me on

or phone me +306984126183


greek language


About you teacher, Bente Keller

I have lived on Alonnisos since 1995. I spoke Greek from the day I arrived on the island both with my Greek husband, our son and generally in my daily life.

I already knew the Greek language as I have a bachelor degree from the University of Copenhagen in Greek Philology. I taught Greek at adult education classes in Copenhagen for several years and for the last couple of years I have been teaching it locally on Alonnisos.

Another of my teaching subjects is YogaPilates and I have a degree from the University of Copenhagen in Human Physiology (physical training). When I moved to Alonnisos I started out with hiking because I was very impressed by the beauty of the landscape. Later on in 2008 I began to teach Yoga/Pilates/Swedish Gymnastic in the local gym.

Another big passion of mine is painting and I have had my gallery in the Old Village since 1995. I am and have always been very inspired by the landscapes of the island, the light and the simple architecture of the Old Village.

You can read more about my background in About in the main menu.