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Hiking Alonnisos

This page is extra infomation about the book Alonnisos on Foot.

Scroll down to see which footpaths have problems.

At the very bottom you can see photos of many of the tours. I have divided the island in to 4 sections so you have an idea about where the photos are from.

Visit the unknown and impressive corners of the island together with your local guide, Jason Tsoukanas:

Vathi to Rema, Megali Ammos and Agii Anargiri

Kastanorema and Koumarorahi

Melegakia and Tourkovigla

Spartines and Tsoukalia

Kalovoulos round trip

Gerakas cliff

To experience Alonnisos on foot gives you a completely different picture of the island than just driving around. You enter the soul of the island hiking along those ancient footpaths surrounded by a virgin landscape.

The tours take you to places you would never have dreamt of: stunning views, dense pinewoods, botanical wonders, hidden small beaches, an impressive gorge and dramatically steep cliffs with a vertical drop of up to 400 metre

You can read a description of the tours we offer here below.

We will announce the dates and tours for each week.

Patitiri - Spartines – Tsoukalia – Patitiri 

Duration of the whole excursion inc. breaks: 3-4 hours

Archaeology, beaches, pine woods and great views

From the south east facing coast to the north west facing one and back again. You are passing by picturesque beaches, dense pine woods and lovely views on the way. At the beach of Tsoukalia you can see pieces of broken amphorae emerging from the soil and Jason will tell you about this ancient workshop that produced pots (amphorae) on this spot in the 4th century BC. From here the tour goes back to Patitiri passing by Mega Nero. To see photos scroll down to map south and map mid.

Patitiri – Kalovoulos – Old Village –Meg. Mourtias – Patitiri 

Duration of the whole excursion inc. breaks: 3-4 hours

Panoramic views and some history.

You meet with Jason in Patitiri and he leads you up the old donkey track to the Old Village (200m above sea level). From here the tour continues up to the top of Kalovoulos (354m) and as you hike to-wards the top, your efforts are rewarded by wonderful views. We return to the Old Village and you are taken on a tour around the village.  The tour continues down to Megalos Mourtias beach and from here we return to Patitiri along the beautiful coast. To see photos scroll down to map south. 

Rahes – Vathi to Rema – Megali Ammos - Agii Anargiri - Patitiri 

Duration of the whole excursion inc. breaks and transport: 5 hours 

Fantastic view, dense woods, lovely small beaches and Agii Anargiri chapels

We start at Rahes and walk up towards Tourkovigla,oneofthe bestspotsforviews of the island. Then the tour passes down through a narrow ravine and further down to the bay of Megali Ammos. We pass by its beautiful, small beaches and continue up through the pinewoods to the chapels of Agii Anargiri; dramatically situated at the edge of the cliff. From here we return to Patitiri along paths through the pine woods. To see photos scroll down to map mid.

Ag.Dimitrios – Kastanorema – Kastania - Ag. Dimitrios

Duration of the whole excursion inc. breaks and transport: 6 hours 

The deepest gorge - and largest beach 

First we drive up to Ag. Dimitrios. From here we continue on foot along the steep slope alongside the coast. Jason leads you into the gorge of Kastanorema and you walk along a winding path surrounded by vertical rocks. The gorge ends at Kastania where there is a dam. We continue up to the plateau of Koumarorahi to enjoy the impressive view over the sea and the islands. The tour continues down the slope back to the beach of Agios Dimitrios where you can have a swim in the clear water. Return to Patitiri.To see photos scroll down to map north. 

Melegakia – Ag. Konstantinos – Megalo Horafi – Tourkovigla 

Duration of the whole excursion inc. breaks and transport: 5 hours 

Steep rocks and ravines, fantastic views - in the footsteps of the goats 

We start at Melegakia and at first the route takes us through a forest of tree-heather, strawberry trees and big stone oaks. We reach a plateau open towards the sea and then follow the path down to the little chapel of Ag. Konstantinos. We continue up to Psili Rahi and from here we hike along a path through the woods passing over a few glades and here and there impressive views open towards the sea. We walk into Vathi to Rema and then up over Tourkovigla to enjoy a view including the whole of the southern island. We will be picked up to return to Patitiri.To see photos scroll down to map midwest. 

  • The tours demand a basic level of fitness and you have to declare that you have no health problems.

  • The footpaths of Alonnisos are rough and sometimes steep.

Remember to wear solid shoes, have plenty of water with you, you lunch, sunglasses, a hat and sun protection cream.

To subscribe please contact us in Gallery 5, Old Village or give us a call or write a mail. You can also book on Albedo Travel in Patitiri harbour


+30 6986281523 Jason Tsoukanas, viber & whatsapp

+30 6984126183 Bente Keller, viber & whatsapp


If you want to hike another tour with your own group and need a guide please contact us.

Your local guide, Jason Tsoukanas

Your local guide, Jason Tsoukanas, 21 years old, was born and raised on Alonnisos. As a teenager he was trained in Kick-boxing and participated in national and international games.

In June 2022 he finished his National services in the Army Special Forces. He has a certificate TCCC (tactical combat casualty care) in first aid from Meducation.

Jason is studying Ancient Greek at the University of Athens. He is passionately interested in archaeology and he knows the newer, older and ancient history of Alonnisos and the rest of Greece.

He has hiked around Alonnisos from childhood with his parents (Bente Keller and Elias Tsoukanas) and later on his own & with friends. He is therefore very familiar with the footpaths and topology of the island. He is ready to share his knowledge of the island & the hidden treasures of Alonnisos with you.

Jason speaks English, Greek and Danish.

The footpaths in connection with the book, Alonnisos on Foot

We always have a problem with overgrown paths in places.

At this moment 1/5-23 the following paths have some troubles.

The paths you use to reach Mega Nero coming down from the Old Village, from Hotel Atrium and Votsi are all overgrown with grass because of the spring season. We hope the Local Council will clear them but its very unlikely. Just go through the grass. From the Old Village I suggest you skip that path and continue along the earth road until it joins the asphalt road. Turn left here and you are on the route that leaves Mega Nero.

The path between Megalo Horafi and Ag. Konstantinos is well-marked but need to be cleared here and there. But its only some metres in different places with branches from bushes covering the path. 

You can buy the revised 4th edition of Alonnisos on Foot in different shops in Patitiri and Steni Vala and in Gallery 5 and in the Supermarket in the Old Village.

If you want us to ship the book to you please click on the below link. In case you have the old book you can download updates here below.

If you click on the items below you can see photos of the routes presented in the book Alonnisos on Foot.

I divided the island into four sections for you to have a clearer picture of the different landscapes.