Hiking Alonnisos

This page is an extent of the book Alonnisos on Foot. Here below you can see photos of many of the tours. I have divided the island in to 4 sections so you have an idea about where the photos are from. 

We always have a problem with overgrown paths in places.

A path difficult to find is the one on the trip to Steni Vali. Its very overgrown from the main asphalt road down through the ravine and up to Isiomata. Try to be very precise following the instructions in the 4th revised edition of Alonnisos on Foot.

The Kastanorema round trip has a difficult part the last bit from Koumarorahi down to the earth road near Ag. Dimitrios. Its overgrown with small bushes for about 300 metres.

The new revised 4th edition of Alonnisos on Foot is on the market. You can buy it in different shops in Patitiri and Steni Vala and in Gallery 5 in the Old Village.

If you want us to ship it to you please click on the below link. In case you have the old book you can download updates here below.

If you click on the items below you can see photos of the routes presented in the book Alonnisos on Foot.

I divided the island into four sections for you to have a clearer picture of the different landscapes. Clicking on the last item in the gallery you will see photos of the various plants and flowers of the island