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Chakra Empowerment & Wake up your senses

BodyMind Empowerment Gym - Tasks - Guided Meditations

6 day work-shop on the beautiful island of Alonnisos

The work-shop

This work-shop will bring you in close contact with yourself and improve your energy and creativity. We work with all the chakras of the body but pay extra attention to the Root Chakra so the fundamentals are strong. We use simple practical tasks, exercises and meditations to improve our energy and wellbeing and to regain contact with our senses

  • We empower our chakras exercising 1½ hours to music
  • We learn how each chakra functions and how to balance its energy
  • We do simple tasks that wake up our senses
  • I guide you through meditation that empowers your chakras
 Flowers are often used as symbols for the chakras

The word chakra is for many people connected with some mysteriously Eastern tradition but in fact it’s not mysterious at all but an energy field we all possess. It’s in and around our bodies and we can easily influence it.

And why is it a good idea to influence these energy chakras?

Because they are our energy and health suppliers. Sometimes we loose contact with important things such as nature and other things that make us feel connected to the Earth. The result may be that we never manage to live in the moment, we are stressed, tired without reason and have lost our feeling to be creative.
We can regain our vitality by learning how our chakras function and how to balance their energy.

The daily program

9:30-13:30 and 18:00-20:00 (changing a little from day to day).

  • Introduction to the chakra of the day.
  • 1½ hours BodyMind Empowerment Gym to music that in turns stimulates our chakras’ energy centers and creates a good connection between our body and mind.

The exercises are based on grounding, flow, strength, endurance (happy dancing}, stretching (inner ear) and we finish off with a relaxation session.

It’s simple exercises and everybody that has done a little training during life can participate.

 The gym area

There are different activities after the gym or in the early evening according to which chakra and sense is the subject of the day.

  • The activities include hiking, sea bathing, drawing, discussing, eating out and having a good time.
  • You learn how the chakras function
  • You perform tasks that stimulate the sense connected with each chakra
  • I guide you through different meditations that fit with the chakra we are working on.

You just enjoy the company and the activities while you wake up your senses and empower your chakras.


The program during the week

Day 1: 9:30 -13:30 and 18:00-20:00
Day 2: 9:30 -14:00 and 20:00-21:30
Day 3: 9:30 -14:00
Day 4: 9:30 -13:30 and 18:00-20:00
Day 5: 9:30 -14:00
Day 6: 9:30 -14:00 and 21:00 a drink in the harbour

BodyMind Empowerment Gym is a workout that I created by composing many different exercise traditions such as mobility training, stretching, rhythmic dancing, yoga and Pilates.

Chakra Empowerment and Wake-up your senses is based on many theoretical researches and specially selected practical tasks. The theory behind the chakras helps you to answer the questions below.

  • What characterize each chakra (colour, element etc.)?
  • Which organs does the chakra influence?
  • What makes a chakra strong or weak?
  • How can waking up your senses improve the chakra’s energy?

Where is the workshop held?

 View from the course center

The work-shop is held in a shady olive grove with a fantastic view over the sea. Here we do the workout at our private gym area and we have tables and chairs for the following chakra teaching. To perform the tasks and meditations we visit specially selected locations around the island.

Who can participate?

I should mention here that the landscape of Alonissos is rough and hilly so a normal level of fitness is required.
The gym only requires that you like to exercise your body.
Maximum 8 persons.

What equipment do you need to bring

The morning gym: gym clothes, a towel for the mat. I provide mats.
Chakra empowerment: Box of colour pencils, sketch block, notebook
Hiking and swimming tours: Hiking shoes or sandals, a sunhat, sun cream and a small backpack for drinking water and swimming clothes.

About your teacher

I have a degree from the University of Copenhagen in Human Physiology (physical training) and gymnastic has played a big role in all my life. As a daughter of a known Danish gymnastic teacher and developer of healthy footwear, I have been inspired in the direction of healthy training from a young age.

When I moved to Alonnisos I started out with hiking because I was very impressed by the beauty of the landscape. Later on in 2008 I began to teach Yoga/Pilates/Swedish Gymnastic in the local gym. Over the years I developed my BodyMind Empowerment gym based on studies of the Chakras and how body and mind is connected and influence each other. Another big passion of mine is painting and I have had my gallery in the Old Village since 1995. I am and have always been very inspired by the landscapes of the island, the light and the simple architecture of the Old Village.

My third passion is the Greek language and I have a bachelor degree from the University of Copenhagen in Greek Philology. I have taught Greek at adult education classes in Copenhagen for several years.
You can read more about my background in About in the main menu.

Click on the link below to read the Full Program, How to reach Alonissos, Where to stay, Terms and Conditions and Info about Alonnisos.

 Read the full program 


Price 6 day work-shop: 260 Euros

Included in the price

The work-shop, one dinner out, tea and coffee at the course centre, teaching material with Chakra introduction and useful illustrations, an aloe vera leaf to use on your skin :-)


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  • name of the course and start date

You will receive an e-mail where I confirm your booking and give you my bank and PayPal details.

When you have paid the 100€ deposit you will receive a welcome letter.

The rest of the amount has to be paid 40 days before the start of the course.

Please call or write if you have any questions. 
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