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Gallery 5 in Alonnisos

Gallery 5 is situated in a charming, historical building located high up in the Old Village in the fortified area called Kastro. The two floor house is carefully restored by Elias Tsoukanas with respect to the original, traditional style.

The old fireplace with its built in oven is fully intact and also the old, high roof is kept. The house is built directly on the rock which protrudes from the floor. Elias used this as a base for old millstones on which the beeswax candles are exhibited.

The gallery was first opened in 1995 and its name is a play on words using the owner’s name Bente, which is pronounced exactly as the number 5 is pronounced in Greek.

Gallery 5 is open every day from mid May to the end of September. Bente exhibits and sells her art products here: Originals and prints of her watercolours, a variety of beeswax candles, books and calendars about Alonnisos and also beautiful, handmade Greek olive wood kitchen tools.