Dear visitors, we inform you that we accept orders only within Greece and Europe. European countries that are not EEC members have to expect an extra custom fee receiving the order. Thank you for your understanding.
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1. What do product availability mean?

Product availability is displayed on the product page.

The product can be:

Immediately available / Available: Available for online purchase.
Temporarily Exhausted / Out of stock: Not available for order at this time. It is expected and will be available soon.

2. What are the pick-up options?

By registering your purchase electronically you can choose:

Delivery to an address in Greece or the rest of the world

All deliveries in Greece are made with ELTA and the courier company ACS Courier. Outside Greece only with ELTA post.

3. How can I pay?

Credit card

Please see Payment Methods for details


You can also pay via Paypal by typing the email

Bank account deposit

The deposit or transfer through the e-banking service of the exact amount is done in one of the available bank accounts and  always state the number of your order (XXXXXX) so that it can be processed immediately.

You will find the accounts in Payment Methods.

4. Can I change / modify / cancel my order?

Yes, by contacting us in one of the following ways

1. By phone at 24240 66541 or 698 4126183

3. Via email to