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Bente Κeller

Bente Keller is a Danish artist living on the Greek island of Alonnisos.

Her career started with a double degree from the University of Copenhagen in Greek Philology and Human Physiology (Gymnastics) but ever since her professional life has been strongly influenced by the exquisite and powerful nature of Alonnisos.

Watercolours have been part of her life since childhood and she has participated in various courses and practiced her art over the years. However, settling down in a Greek island and opening her own art-gallery made it possible to make art a living. Besides her watercolours portraying the beauty of the island, Bente also creates multicoloured candle-sculptures and photographs natural sceneries and vegetation of the island to be used in her books and calendars.

Gallery 5 was opened in 1995 and soon after, in 1996, she was invited by a Danish travel agency to run watercolour seminars in Alonnisos. To teach properly it was necessary to study carefully the theory behind drawing and watercolour painting and this new knowledge raised her own practical level as well. The teaching inspired her to find a good method on how to teach people to draw and paint and this work encourage her to write the book, The Watercolour Dream, now published as an e-book, published at Amazon as a kindle.

Painting and hiking around the island made her very knowledgeable about the trails and paths. This resulted in the creation of two books about the island in partnership with Elias Tsoukanas. The books ‘Alonnisos on Foot’ and ‘The Alonnisos Guide’ are published in English, Greek, Italian and Danish (self-published).