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Set of 3 Christmas candles
Set of 3 Christmas candles
110 g

This set of 3 Christmas candles includes:
1 Christmas flower slim 16cm, red, wine, yellow and green
1 Christmas flowers 10cm, red, wine, yellow and green
1 Christmas star small 6,7cm, yellow and light yellow

The pure beeswax candle emits a rich smell of honey, and is tinted with natural colours.
Its unique shape is exclusively Bente’s design, handmade in the workshop in Alonnisos. Beeswax candles clean the air when lighted and burn steadily with a good flame.
When you light a candle make sure it is placed in a fire safe holder or on silver paper.
When you switch off the candle add a tiny drop of water onto the wick to avoid smoke.
Remember to cut the wick if necessary
If the colour of the candle looses its brightness then warm it up in the sun.
You can clean it with a damp cloth
The candles are packed in hard boxes to ensure safe travel to your home.